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In a rapidly changing business environment, we thrive on transformation. Our vision is to help organizations turn risks and opportunities into impactful solutions that create sustainable value and support their ambitions for growth. We want to be recognized for bringing together leading business advisors around market-leading solutions, empowering the companies of the future.

Our story

The founding partners of Valeocon shared an audacious dream of creating a global, client-focused company that delivered a different, collaborative client experience. Through this, Valeocon Management Consulting was born, with offices in Hamburg, Milan, New York, Paris and Singapore.
The footprint of the business continued to grow, with further offices in Tokyo, London and Warsaw. The shape of the practice also evolved, with the Innovation practice (established in 2006) developing rapidly, also followed by the Digital practice some years later.
Early 2015
As Valeocon continued to make waves, another company, Baseline, was launched as the management consultancy arm of international law firm Bird & Bird. The focus was on supporting clients with complex issues arising from major transformational IT programs.
Late 2015
Later that year, Baseline and Valeocon joined forces, with Valeocon providing support on a series of compliance implementation and change management projects.
The relationship between the two firms was formalized, with Valeocon partner Edoardo Monopoli appointed in October as the new Baseline CEO. The Baseline team worked closely with Bird & Bird lawyers and Valeocon consultants to develop solutions combining legal and management consultancy expertise.
Three years later, and 15 years since Valeocon was founded, the two firms aligned their ambitions for growth and decided to merge as one. OXYGY, a new breed of consulting company, was born, with a vision of transforming businesses through a fresh approach and offering. Today, OXYGY is one of the largest management consultancy names linked to any international law firm.

Meet our team

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Adrian Ciupka Adrian Ciupka Consultant
Albert Lettman Albert Lettman Senior Consultant
Alessandro Cantarelli Alessandro Cantarelli Senior Consultant
Alistair Rose Alistair Rose Non-Executive Director
Andrea Franzi Andrea Franzi Senior Advisor
Arne Buthmann Arne Buthmann Partner
Arthur Bastian Arthur Bastian Director
Bertrand Lepinoy Bertrand Lepinoy Senior Manager
Betsy McCallon Betsy McCallon Director
Birgit Miesch Birgit Miesch Director
Claudio Tataranni Claudio Tataranni Director
Dany Trudel Dany Trudel Senior Consultant
Dario Pagella Dario Pagella Senior Manager
David Rosenberg David Rosenberg Director
Dmitrii Curudimov Dmitrii Curudimov Business Analyst
Edoardo Monopoli Edoardo Monopoli Chief Executive Officer & Partner
Elena Dudauri Elena Dudauri Business Analyst
Emanuel Genoese Emanuel Genoese Consultant
Emmanuel Grimaud Emmanuel Grimaud Managing Director, France
Eri Ono Eri Ono Consultant
Fang Zhou Fang Zhou Senior Consultant
Fanny Zimmermann Fanny Zimmermann Office Manager
Federico Papetti Federico Papetti Director
Frank Eberlein Frank Eberlein Director
Friedemann Lutz Friedemann Lutz Director
Günter Kloucek Günter Kloucek Director
Haarpreet Singh Haarpreet Singh
Hwe-See Teng Hwe-See Teng Senior Manager
Jean-Marc Menu Jean-Marc Menu Senior Consultant
Jessica Morris Jessica Morris Senior Manager
Jingyu (Ella) Chen Jingyu (Ella) Chen Consultant
Joanna Cowan Joanna Cowan Office Manager
Joaquin Fuentes Joaquin Fuentes Senior Consultant
John Shaw John Shaw Senior Educational Advisor
Katsuaki Kinase Katsuaki Kinase Senior Manager
Kerstin Woermann Kerstin Woermann Director
Maia Pouget Maia Pouget Consultant
Malte Wagner Malte Wagner Senior Consultant
Maria Carlsson Maria Carlsson Director of the Board & Partner at Bird&Bird
Marie Grimaud Marie Grimaud Consultant
Masakatsu “Boon” Ochi Masakatsu “Boon” Ochi Senior Manager
Massimo Appiotti Massimo Appiotti Executive Chairman
Massimo Paturzo Massimo Paturzo Chief Financial Officer
Matteo Sulis Matteo Sulis Senior Manager
Miriam Lyons Miriam Lyons Consultant
Monika Westin Monika Westin Office Manager
Nicolai Dorka Nicolai Dorka Director
Nobu Ota Nobu Ota Partner
Peter Metlikovic Peter Metlikovic Senior Consultant
Petra Miebach Petra Miebach Senior Consultant
Philippe Le Fur Philippe Le Fur Senior Consultant
Rodrigo Carrillo Rodrigo Carrillo Senior Consultant
Ronald Hendrikx Ronald Hendrikx Director of the Board & Partner at Bird&Bird
Sarah Dransfield Sarah Dransfield Consultant
Siqi Li Business Analyst
Sophie Morelle Sophie Morelle Senior Consultant
Steve Crom Steve Crom Senior Advisor
Steve Dreamer Steve Dreamer Executive Advisor
Steve Lytle Steve Lytle Senior Manager
Uta Michels Uta Michels Senior Manager
Valerie Greaser Valerie Greaser Senior Consultant
Vera	Pellegrin Vera Pellegrin Director
Witold Hendrysiak Witold Hendrysiak Senior Consultant
Yongqiang Liu Yongqiang Liu Senior Consultant
Yuji Develle Yuji Develle Senior Consultant
Yuki Kinoshita Yuki Kinoshita Consultant
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Our values

We collaborate
Working together is part of our formula for success. We listen to and empathize with our clients, we share ideas and build lasting relationships through co-discovery, co-design and co-delivery.
We think differently
We use our unique offering (consulting + legal + digital) to generate unique concepts. Our fresh approach to consultancy allows us to defy what’s conventional.
We make it fun
We enjoy what we do and make it enjoyable for others. Our teams are enthusiastic and passionate, and their excitement for projects is infectious.
We are authentic
It’s not like us to hide behind corporate jargon or red tape. We’re real people, with real ideas, and have genuine relationships with those we work with.
We act with integrity
Being open and straight forward is important to us. We keep our clients' interests at heart, and show them the respect we would want for our own business.
We deliver sustainable results
We get to know every part of your organization. Our hands-on approach is what helps us create lasting solutions, not just for now but for the future.

Corporate social responsibility

The white ribbon alliance
OXYGY supports on a pro bono basis the White Ribbon Alliance in its mission to prevent the deaths of women and newborns around the world.
Positive deviance initiative
OXYGY is working together with the Positive Deviance Initiative on multiple efforts, including reducing MRSA infections in US hospitals.
Smile train
OXYGY has worked with and supported Smile Train UK, an international children’s charity with a sustainable approach to a single, solvable problem: cleft lip and palate.

Clients love our values

Capability-building expertise
Outcompeting in today’s fast-moving environment means being agile with top purpose-driven talent. Working hand in glove with my organization, OXYGY successfully increased our competitiveness by bringing a forward-looking approach to the defining the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in key functions and positions including leveraging the benefits of diversity. They combine capability-building expertise with the ability to design fit-for-purpose processes needed for, market preparation, launch, commercial and patient access excellence.
John Glasspool
CEO Anthos Therapeutics Inc.
OXYGY helped bring their ideas to life
I highly rate OXYGY’s expertise in capability building and change management. What makes the OXYGY team truly stand out though is their collaborative approach. Their ability to engage my team and organization means those colleagues of mine who have to make new organization solutions work are already committed to the new solutions by the time we launch them because OXYGY helped bring their ideas to life during the solution development process. In doing so OXYGY helped us tailor solutions to the expertise and needs of the organization and the latest thinking across the industry. A truly exceptional approach.
Peter Vanovertveld
SVP Global Pricing & Market Access, Vifor Pharma
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