Philippe Le Fur

Senior Consultant
in Paris, France

I have been consulting with clients since 2016 to capture and transmit best practices to make their organizations resilient and future-proof. Building upon 25 years in public service and industry, mainly in project and business line management, I help clients define or adapt new processes to capture opportunities in a rapidly-changing environment, focused on regulations, customer requirements and technology.

Philippe Le Fur

About me

My Areas of Expertise: Regulatory Compliance, Lean production, Flexible product Development

My Sector Focus: Aerospace and Defense, Pharma, Industry

My Languages: French, English

My Education: AMP at ESSEC, Paris – MSc in Avionics at MIT, USA – Engineer from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris and ISAĆ©, Toulouse

My Experience:

Strategy: Define a strategic plan leveraging sales, skills, processes and technology and execution of operational actions in the aeronautic-machining sector.

Lean Six Sigma deployment: Led a project to deploy Lean Sigma culture in a division of a large defense company, defining the vision and roadmap with the Executive Committee, including definition, execution, control and training.

Lean production: Conduct diagnosis of root causes for late deliveries and establish new standards and routines to improve industrialization and production flow, including ERP parametrization.

Regulatory Compliance in Pharma Adapt standard operating procedures and ethical requirements in relationships with healthcare providers and patients to comply with corporate integrity and compliance guidelines.

Regulatory Compliance in Defense: Conduct diagnosis of the current situation in the export control function of a defense company, defining a transition plan and supporting implement action, including training, process flow, standardization, tools to prepare for certification audit.

Agile development: Used agile principles and tailored models to design, build and test innovative products of Defense industry, reducing Proof of Concept timeframe to accelerate full-scale development.

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