Your people partner in transformation and change

At OXYGY, we know that organizations can only transform when people transform. We help them to achieve transformational value and support leaders who believe in the power of their people​. We don’t just activate people power; we cultivate it by fostering ambition, ownership, and adoption.

Unlock your growth potential

Oxygen + Synergy = OXYGY: a new breed of consulting company.

In today’s changing business landscape, we give you the tools and capabilities to succeed. Not just now, but in the future. We combine management consultancy, digital innovation and legal expertise to give you real solutions – for business results that last.

OXYGY is the consulting arm of Bird & Bird, the international law firm with 150 years of history that has earned a first-rate reputation as advisors to leading global businesses.

Strengthen your digital muscles

Across industry sectors, forward-thinking organizations are embracing digital technology and data to transform their business and gain competitive edge.

In this increasingly complex world, we help your business thrive – working with you to close the gaps in your strategy, offerings, and competencies.

Set your business up for success

Operational effectiveness has a significant impact on whether your business achieves its overall strategic ambitions.

We help you create, improve and align the vital elements of your operating model – building the structure, processes, metrics and capabilities you need for better performance.

Turn compliance into opportunity

Poorly managed compliance can create heightened business risks and costs, both of which are as unwelcome as they are unnecessary.

We combine legal expertise with operational design and change management specialists to deliver airtight compliance programs. Ensuring you meet regulatory standards and prevent risks while accelerating business success.

We find better ways of working

Does your organization have a clear growth strategy? Do you want to improve performance or compliance? Are you exploring opportunities with digital technology and data? Whatever your business challenge, however transformative your plans, we help you build the growth capabilities you need.

We design simpler, more effective and highly productive ways ofworking. Your teams can focus on innovation, strategy, and everything that’s important – without the unnecessary complexities in business.

With our fresh approach to consulting and collaborative working, we can turn your risks and opportunities into sustainable value.

Real world results

Positive sourcing transformation experience
When we embarked on our Sourcing Transformation journey, I asked OXYGY to help us ensure that this change is not only achieving its business objectives but is an absolute positive experience for all Sourcing employees. By enabling my Leadership team to define the new roles and responsibilities and engaging their teams in the implementation OXYGY strengthened my Leaders’ capabilities and established ownership for the new ways of working across my whole organization. Thanks to our OXYGY partners we achieved one of the highest engagement scores in recent years.
Audrey Izard
SVP Sourcing Americas, L’Oréal
Collaborative Consulting
We were looking for “collaborative consulting”, where we could all roll up our sleeves, work hard, think hard and leverage our collective experiences to produce something of real substance and value. We were looking for people who were not pretentious, people who felt like the only real way to justify their professional existence was here and now with us, with our project, and not with past successes for other clients. We were looking for curious people whose confidence didn’t obscure their ability to embrace surprises and whose determination drove them past questions and doubts to answers and creative solutions. We were looking for people who could learn to care about our specific needs in the same way we care. We happily found all of this, and much more, with the people at OXYGY.
Paul Kershisnik
VP International Business Development, Sorenson Communications
Sustainable Results
Thanks to the collaboration with OXYGY, I have been able to convert my transformative vision of the future of Pharma R&D in a pragmatic reality of fit for purpose processes, roles, capabilities and leadership style. I believe that OXYGY is the right consulting partner if you want to be involved in co-designing your way forward for their listening, flexibility, project and change management skills. This approach leads to a true involvement of employees and ultimately to sustainable results.
Paolo Patri
Former CMC Head at Chiesi Farmaceutici, now CTO at Stevanato Group
Unique insights that propel businesses
What I appreciate about working with OXYGY is that the team consistently provide unique insights that propel businesses and teams to appropriately question their status quo. The team work to build sustainable solutions and platforms that instantly differentiate and allow for growth and innovation in an ever changing environment.
Amy Pott
President North America, SOBI (Life Sciences)
Foster Innovation
I called OXYGY when I needed experienced consultants on the ground to help improve the effectiveness of an international team working on a strategic new product innovation. Beyond helping the team come together, they helped us implement a new governance structure to foster innovation in a more agile way.
Nadav Tomer
Global President, DePuy Synthes Spine (a Johnson & Johnson Company)
Encourages continuous learning
One of the main reasons we choose to work with OXYGY is that they do not come in and simply manage projects. With their consultative/coaching approach they take our project team through the process, with just in time training and other tools which build our internal capabilities. This approach increases engagement and improves the project outcomes, resulting in a measurable, sustainable benefit to the organization. The OXYGY approach provides the tools to constructively challenge current process and encourages continuous learning across the organization.
Jeanne Thoma
President & CEO, SPI Pharma

Who we empower with our expertise

We create, improve and align vital elements of your operating model for today’s increasingly complex business environment.
We refresh your go-to-market strategy, preparing it for a world where digital technology and data lead the way.
Legal & Compliance
We help you manage risks and assess opportunities, positioning you as a critical and progressive partner to your business.
Human Resources
We help you develop new capabilities and ways of working to future-proof your business and outperform competition.
We build and support your strategic plans for growth using both organic and inorganic pathways.
We turn business model innovation into a reality, helping you understand your customers' unmet needs and find compelling value propositions or new sources of revenue.

Initiate change in your business today

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