We are your people partner in transformation and change

We know that organizations can only change when people change.
Partner DACH & US

We specialize in change triggered by 3 major disruptions

Large Scale System Implementation
Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions
Emerging Technologies
Large Scale System Implementation
  • Re-design roles and ways of working
  • Co-create and build adoption of target operating models
  • Design and deliver learning of knowledge and future-fit skills
  • Drive adoption of new systems and processes
Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Support enhanced due diligence beyond legal and financial
  • Co-design future state business and operating models
  • Support people during post-merger integration through communication, training and engagement
Emerging Technologies
  • Co-Design new business models powered by digitalization
  • Re-engineer processes enabled by low/no-code applications
  • Accelerate adoption of new tech like AI and Blockchain

We have over 20 years of experience delivering change at all levels of scale

We are a trusted partner by some of the largest companies in the world

out of the world’s top 20 Pharmaceutical companies

of the world’s top 10 Financial companies

out of the world’s top 100 consumer goods companies

We believe to achieve transformational value, you must overcome the Status Quo

Why do transformations often fall short of the promised value? It is because people get trapped in the status quo. Leaders and their teams trust existing solutions that helped them succeed in the past. People at all levels are left out of the change until suddenly they are told to do things in a new way.

At OXYGY, we believe that to achieve your future state, you must believe in the power of your people. You must make your people part of the change. When people are given both ownership and support with adoption of the change, new ways of achieving value become the norm at a much faster pace.

We activate people power to overcome the status quo. Ownership and Adoption are key


We foster ownership by co-developing solutions for the future – operating models, org structures, or processes – in collaboration with the very people who will be leaders in the future state. This creates layers of ownership and leaders that are primed to guide the organization into the new ways of working.


We enable adoption by people affected by transformation at all levels. We provide highly specialized change management, communication, and learning programs designed to be transformation enablers.

Our strength is to help you build ownership & adoption throughout your business transformation to accelerate your value realization

Our Enablers of Ownership

Transformation Stage I: Governance and Operating Models


In early phases of transformation, we help you with analysis and engagement to turn pains/gains into a shared future-state vision.


We co-design operating models and help set-up collaborative practices to architect your future, align teams and owners, and plan the journey.


We manage large scale delivery of people programs to activate change across global and local teams.

Our Enablers of Adoption

Transformation Stage II: Execution and Adoption

Change Management

We deliver transformation-style change: as-is / to-be, sponsorship, champion networks, middle-management activation.

Communication Planning

We ensure leaders at all level speak with one transformation voice and own concrete messages that drive action and momentum.

Capability Building

We develop future-fit capabilities for collective transformation readiness: from practical solution knowledge to future-state upskilling programs.

Ready to activate People Power in your organization? Get in touch!

Large Scale System Implementation

Arne Buthmann Arne Buthmann Partner
Uta Michels Uta Michels Senior Manager

Corporate Mergers & Acquistions

Massimo Appiotti Massimo Appiotti Executive Chairman
Birgit Miesch Birgit Miesch Director

Emerging Technologies

Edoardo Monopoli Edoardo Monopoli Chief Executive Officer & Partner
Jessica Morris Jessica Morris Senior Manager

OXYGY Lead Change Catalysts

Arthur Bastian Arthur Bastian Director
Betsy McCallon Betsy McCallon Director
Dany Trudel Dany Trudel Senior Consultant
Frank Eberlein Frank Eberlein Director
Friedemann Lutz Friedemann Lutz Director
Kerstin Woermann Kerstin Woermann Director
Nobu Ota Nobu Ota Partner
Petra Miebach Petra Miebach Senior Consultant
Rodrigo Carrillo Rodrigo Carrillo Senior Consultant
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