Frank Eberlein

in Hamburg, Germany

25 years of experience as a Management Consultant, Executive Coach as well as senior Life Science roles in commercial, business development and strategic planning. My passion is to support clients in their journey of change by developing new breakthrough strategies, guiding them through cultural transformation and dynamic personal and business growth. I work with leadership teams to improve their effectiveness while building the capabilities needed to design and execute strategies. One-on-one with leaders, I coach them to reflect on their unique role, the assets they bring to the challenges they and their organizations face, learning new ways to fulfil more of their personal and professional aspirations.

Frank Eberlein

About me

My Areas of Expertise: Strategy development, Change Management, Business Transformation, and Agile Innovation

My Sector Focus: Life Sciences, FMCG

My Languages: English, German, Italian

My Education: Ph.D. in Physics, MSc in Mathematics, Professional Certificate Executive Coaching Henley Business School

My Experience:

Strategy development: Work with leaders to define a compelling strategic vision; translate strategic priorities into actionable projects to achieve a step change in performance. Develop a strategic journey to support the desired transformation.

Managing change: Define a roadmap in times of uncertainty; help leaders and their teams to leverage periods of change as opportunities to gain competitive advantage and develop new capabilities.

New and agile ways of working: Help clients to transform to a new culture unlocking the creative and innovative power of individuals, teams. Leverage design thinking and collaborative tools to bring different teams and functions together for defining a shared vision and jointly following it through to implementation.

Coaching Leaders: Help leaders in new roles and those wanting to reach the next level of performance in their current roles. Guide them through a structured coaching process that yields insights and opportunities to learn, grow and be more effective personally and professionally.

Coaching Teams: Support teams in identifying strengths and weaknesses when it comes to coming together to fully leverage the team’s potential. Designing a journey to connect and grow as a team. Make the team transformation sustainable and lasting

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