What we do to drive lasting results

Complex business challenges require forward-thinking ideas. We tap into our network of experts and use holistic consulting methods to discover, design and deliver long-lasting and impactful solutions for change.

Business Expansion
Solutions to help your business expand, realize value and unlock potential
Data and Digital Transformation
Solutions to help your business thrive in a changing digital and data-driven world
Operating Model Transformation
Solutions to help your business build capabilities and improve performance
Regulatory Compliance
Solutions to help your business meet compliance standards and reach for success

Our capabilities for effective change

Project and change management are important across all of our projects. These are vital ingredients in helping clients meet their organizational goals.
Project Management
Organizations are often 'leaned-out', 'out-sourced' and 'de-layered' to the point where there is little capacity left for strategic initiatives. We can provide resources and expertise to help you manage projects to completion, coordinating people and managing deadlines, smoothing out snags, and ensuring the quality of deliverables.
Change Management
The need to manage change starts as soon as people sense that there is change in the air. Done well and expectations will be managed, communication proactive, and delivery seamless. More importantly, the people affected by the change will feel heard, respected and motivated to become part of the program.

Our 'together' approach

We believe that in order for solutions to work, collaboration is key. We work side-by-side with our clients, aligning our objectives and using combined experience to achieve a common goal.
We Co-discover
Someone once said that "change is a door that can only be opened from the inside." We work with you to provide fresh perspectives that help you see your business challenges and opportunities in a fresh light.
We Co-design
"If it is about me, then not without me!" is a core guiding principle for our work in helping clients transform themselves and their organizations. We combine the deep knowledge clients have of their industry, organization and customers with our expertise, to design innovative, fit-for-purpose solutions that work.
We Co-deliver
Sustainable results only happen if you are able to implement, operate and continuously improve on solutions. No-one knows better than your team when it comes to day-to-day practicalities in your business. So we work closely with you, not only to deliver solutions but to maintain them for the future.

Our sectors

Financial Services
Life Sciences & Healthcare
Retail & Consumer
Tech & Comms
Financial Services
Regulatory reform, digital innovation and changing consumer behavior are big challenges facing the financial services sector. Not only has the past decade caused major upheaval, but today’s growing competition means having to stay ahead of the game. And as the market continues to evolve, the need for change is critical. We work with business and compliance teams to help them navigate this dynamic environment, build the capabilities they need, and adjust their strategies to achieve long-term success.
Industrial businesses face constant pressure to improve productivity, increase agility and update their business models. Technologies such as IoT, 3D printing or AI allow companies to tap into the power of data and digital. By embracing innovations, they can seize opportunities to create new value-added offerings beyond the product. We partner with industry leaders to boost business productivity through process improvement, as well as build the internal capabilities to design and implement the business model for the future.
Life Sciences & Healthcare
The trends in healthcare and life sciences are irrefutable. Organizations need to deliver value beyond the product, stay on top of regulatory requirements, and navigate a demanding stakeholder and decision-maker landscape to thrive. Meeting those challenges demands Biotech, pharma and medical devices companies to rethink their strategies, with fresh perspectives and moving away from “inside-out” thinking, now. We partner with the most forward-thinking companies to transform their business model in an “outside-in” patient, customer and health care system needs driven approach – so they can reinvent patient experience and redefine the future of healthcare. Working with research & development to marketing and sales, we can help you drive top-line growth while reducing costs and staying compliant. Our goal is to minimize your risk while maximizing new opportunities and market acceptance of your offerings.

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Retail & Consumer
The retail business model has been disrupted by a storm of technology. With it comes emerging regulation, growing costs and aggressive competition from low-cost retailers. Many big players in the retail and consumer sector are feeling the effects. The time for change is now. OXYGY can support businesses in transforming operations and achieving their international expansion goals, while carefully managing the associated compliance and reputational risks. We successfully help clients boost efficiency and find new revenue streams in unchartered territories.
Tech & Comms
The way companies communicate and create value has changed. Technology has revolutionized the business landscape. And the organizational and commercial implications are complex and fast-evolving, impacting every type of business. OXYGY has built a reputation for providing sophisticated, pragmatic advice to companies which are shaping the world's digital future. By joining forces and building partnerships between pure digital players and other sectors, together we can enable the digital transformation necessary for Industry 4.0.
More and more institutions are looking to expand their reputation abroad and secure a long-term future with new income streams. This means entering into commercial relationships with organizations in overseas markets. But the gap between opportunities and know-how is a big one, leaving institutions at a disadvantage. We work with school leadership teams to help them design and deploy international growth strategies that are robust and effective.
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