Realizing the full value of the deal

Optimizing the fit between companies

Making your company fit for a successful M&A deal

Our approach to realizing the full value of the deal:
Exploring key M&A topics

1. Business Case
Delivering the business case is at the center of integration success. We support you to make the underlying assumptions more explicit, reflect on their validity for implementation and define performance improvements needed.
2. People
Roles, responsibilities and key leadership positions are often reassigned during M&A transactions. We help assess people-related aspects and potential challenges during the integration.
3. Customer Focus
A plan to reinforce the combined top line and retain customers is crucial. We evaluate the integration of commercial teams and sales channels to seamlessly grow the future business.
4. Operational Synergies
Changes in the operational model of the combined companies to realize operational synergies are often desired. We cover all operations-related items including information technology and data which regularly pose substantial challenges during the integration.
5. Culture
Culture is a key factor for the long-term success of the deal. We consider the cultural traits of both companies and ensure the proper alignment is achieved for the positive development of the future company.
6. Project Management & Communication
Integration deals require thoughtful set-up of integration teams, projects and governance. We assess the organizational set-up as well as preparedness for developing an integration plan including communication to and engagement of key stakeholders.

Method: How we explore key topics

OXYGY team of Integration experts
In-depth interviews & dialogue
Focused method
OXYGY team of Integration experts
An experienced team of senior leaders that have successfully managed M&A projects as consultants or business leaders in industries such as Life Sciences, Financial Services, Retail and Consumer Goods. For more than 20 years we consulted clients in their acquisition and integration journeys, bringing different cultures together into one effective organization, while meeting the twofold objective of staying within timeline and budget.
In-depth interviews & dialogue
The M&A Fitness Check is done via a face-to-face or virtual interview with your integration stakeholders. We assess integration readiness along a structured framework: 6-7 questions for 6 areas of analysis.
Focused method
During an integration, speed is essential to capture the full value of the deal. The M&A Fitness Check will allow our clients to have a readiness assessment with only a few hours investment.

Getting Started: The M&A Fitness Check

Realizing the full value of the deal
Takes holistic view
The aim of this assessment is to help you reflect on both quantitative and qualitative - financial, operational and people - aspects of the integration work ahead.
Defines priorities
The assessment will result in clarity about key priorities that your integration team needs to focus on to make the deal a success and return back to normal operations as soon as possible after closing.
Identifies risks
The assessment outcome helps the integration manager to engage with top management as well as key business functions to create awareness of the main integration risks and reduce their potential effects.
Establishes communication and engagement strategy
As part of seeding the culture of the future company, key stakeholders need to be engaged and a communication plan developed to meet their needs.
Allocates resources
Clarity on the key focus areas helps the company’s management to resource projects appropriately to ensure integration success.


OXYGY is the consulting arm of Bird & Bird, the international law firm with 150 years of history that has earned a first-rate reputation as advisors to leading global businesses.

In today’s changing business landscape, we give you the tools and capabilities to succeed. Not just now, but in the future. We combine management consultancy, digital innovation and legal expertise to give you real solutions – for business results that last.

Oxygen + Synergy = OXYGY: a new breed of consulting company.

Our Clients




BNP Paribas

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Zurich Insurance

Our Case Studies

Integration of commercial operations centers
Around a compelling vision and roadmap for success, integrated two commercial operations centers following the merger of two pharma companies.
Integration of family-owned company with Fortune 50 leader
Operationally and culturally accelerated the integration of a family owned Swiss MedTech company with the America buyer, a Fortune 50 leader in Life Sciences headquartered in the US.
Development of sales synergy strategy
For a Swiss based specialty chemicals company that acquired a US focused business, developed and supported the execution of their sales synergy strategy around customers, products and key geographic areas.
Helping build life sciences enterprise
Helped integrate key operational processes of two leading mid-sized companies who merged to form a leading life sciences enterprise.
Retaining talent
Advised the Integration Leader of a family owned, mid-sized Italy pharma company eager to retain key talent and know-how during the integration of a Scandinavian science based start-up by navigating both national and professional culture differences.
Divestiture of a business unit
For the divestiture of a business unit and subsequent sale of two products lines to two separate buyers, we played an integral role as team member. The sale was successfully completed 3 months ahead of schedule

Reasons to work with us

  • Experienced team of senior leaders
  • Successfully managed M&A projects in industries such as Life Sciences, Financial Services, Retail and Consumer Goods
  • More than 20 years experience in M&A bringing different cultures together into one effective organization, while meeting objectives of staying within timeline and budget
  • Extensive expertise in Change management and broad ownership of compliance
  • Legal expertise through our partnership with leading international law firm Bird&Bird

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