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At the heart of our success is our people, defined by their entrepreneurial spirit, client focus and powerful collaboration skills. Their outstanding qualities ensure that we always deliver great service and positive outcomes for our clients. Our international community now has over 80 consultants, based in offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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Albert Lettman Albert Lettman Senior Consultant Alessandro Cantarelli Alessandro Cantarelli Senior Consultant Alistair Rose Alistair Rose Non-Executive Director
Andrea Franzi Andrea Franzi Senior Advisor
Arne Buthmann Arne Buthmann Partner Arthur Bastian Arthur Bastian Director
Bertrand Lepinoy Bertrand Lepinoy Senior Manager
Birgit Miesch Birgit Miesch Director Claudio Tataranni Claudio Tataranni Director
Dario Pagella Dario Pagella Senior Manager
David Rosenberg David Rosenberg Director
Dmitrii Curudimov Dmitrii Curudimov Business Analyst
Edoardo Monopoli Edoardo Monopoli Chief Executive Officer & Partner Elena Dudauri Elena Dudauri Business Analyst Emanuel Genoese Emanuel Genoese Consultant Emmanuel Grimaud Emmanuel Grimaud Managing Director, France Eri Ono Eri Ono Consultant Fang Zhou Fang Zhou Senior Consultant Fanny Zimmermann Fanny Zimmermann Office Manager Federico Papetti Federico Papetti Director Frank Eberlein Frank Eberlein Director Friedemann Lutz Friedemann Lutz Director Gabriela Clemens Gabriela Clemens Senior Consultant Günter Kloucek Günter Kloucek Director
Haarpreet Singh Haarpreet Singh
Hwe-See Teng Hwe-See Teng Senior Manager
Jean-Marc Menu Jean-Marc Menu Senior Consultant
Jessica Morris Jessica Morris Senior Manager Jingyu (Ella) Chen Jingyu (Ella) Chen Consultant
Joanna Cowan Joanna Cowan Office Manager
Joaquin Fuentes Joaquin Fuentes Senior Consultant
John Shaw John Shaw Senior Educational Advisor
Katsuaki Kinase Katsuaki Kinase Senior Manager Katsuhiro Hanabuchi Katsuhiro Hanabuchi Senior Consultant Kerstin Woermann Kerstin Woermann Director Maia Pouget Maia Pouget Consultant Malte Wagner Malte Wagner Senior Consultant Maria Carlsson Maria Carlsson Director of the Board & Partner at Bird&Bird Maria Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez Consultant
Marie Grimaud Marie Grimaud Consultant
Masakatsu “Boon” Ochi Masakatsu “Boon” Ochi Senior Manager Massimo Appiotti Massimo Appiotti Director of the Board & Partner Massimo Paturzo Massimo Paturzo Chief Financial Officer Matteo Sulis Matteo Sulis Senior Manager Miriam Lyons Miriam Lyons Consultant
Monika Westin Monika Westin Office Manager
Moritz Bielinski Moritz Bielinski Consultant Nicolai Dorka Nicolai Dorka Director Nobu Ota Nobu Ota Partner
Peter Metlikovic Peter Metlikovic Senior Consultant
Petra Miebach Petra Miebach Senior Consultant Philippe Le Fur Philippe Le Fur Senior Consultant Ronald Hendrikx Ronald Hendrikx Director of the Board & Partner at Bird&Bird
Sarah Dransfield Sarah Dransfield Consultant
Sophie Morelle Sophie Morelle Senior Consultant Steve Crom Steve Crom Chairman & Partner Steve Dreamer Steve Dreamer Executive Advisor Steve Lytle Steve Lytle Senior Manager Valerie Greaser Valerie Greaser Senior Consultant Vera	Pellegrin Vera Pellegrin Director Witold Hendrysiak Witold Hendrysiak Senior Consultant Yongqiang Liu Yongqiang Liu Senior Consultant Yuji Develle Yuji Develle Senior Consultant Yuki Kinoshita Yuki Kinoshita Consultant
Yukiko Osawa Yukiko Osawa Office Manager

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