Adrian Ciupka

in Hamburg, Germany

As a dedicated change management consultant, I bring a fresh perspective, a passion for driving organizational transformation & a proven track record in guiding teams through transformative journeys. My background in psychology provides me with invaluable insights into the complexities of human reactions to change, while my PROSCI certification ensures that my methodologies are backed by industry-leading best practices.

Adrian Ciupka

My Areas of Expertise: Change Management, Project Management,, Training Design, Agility

My Sector Focus: Life Sciences, FMCG

My Languages: German, English

My Education: MSc. Psychology

My Experience:

Change Management:

  • Developed a change & communication strategy for a global implementation of a new target operating model within an IT operations & finance organization of a large FMCG company.
  • Analyzed a complex stakeholder landscape during a major pharmaceutical carve-out which enabled informed decision-making.

Project Management:

  • Supported a global SAP 4/HANA transformation of a large FMCG company by providing project management & managing knowledge assets.
  • Established agile project management procedures within a global project of a big pharma company, enabling successful delivery across 18 diverse workstreams.

Team Formation:

  • Guided the formation of a platform and architecture IT team within a leading generic pharma company by developing an onboarding program & tailored ways-of-working guides as well as co-facilitating team-building exercises.

Training & Content Design:

  • Developed a train-the-trainer approach for a global contracting system serving 1500 active users, leveraging data analysis to optimize trainer selection and designing a comprehensive onboarding and capability-building program.

Workshop Design & Facilitation:

  • Designed and co-facilitated numerous workshops with global leaders, addressing critical topics such as future strategy and operating model, with participant numbers ranging from 5 to 35.
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