Siqi Li

Business Analyst
in Tokyo, Japan

With a background in applied economics and management I bring a detail-oriented and data-driven approach to problem-solving, and my focus on technology management allows me to provide clients an entrepreneurial mindset to integrate digital innovation into business processes. My international exposure has generated the skills and passion to navigate cultural nuances and find solutions in the globalized business world of our clients.

My Areas of Expertise: Market Strategy, Digital Transformation, Business Analytics, Innovation

My Sector Focus: ICT, Financial Services

My Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English, Japanese

My Education: MPS in Applied Economics and Management, CEMS Master’s in International Management, Cornell University; BA in Japanese, Bachelor of Economics in Finance, Beijing Foreign Studies University

My Experience:

Business Model Transformation

Designed a new business model for an online education platform of a medical equipment manufacturer to enhance user engagement and drive product monetization; validated the idea via competitor case studies and stakeholder interviews and developed prototypes for the proposed product

Market Research

Compiled a quarterly research report on China’s reginal real estate market through in-person and phone surveys, as well as site visits

Business Intelligence

Developed a BI system for a laboratory facility to support the dynamic analysis of the lab usage; built the data model based on the business process requirements using WhereScape and created Tableau visualization on the analysis of the instrument scheduling

Managed a quantitative project on the computing capabilities in 15 target countries, and analyzed data from 2,000+ questionnaires using SPSS

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