Steve Lytle

Senior Manager
in Virtual Opportunities, United States

In 30+ years working for, and with, Pharma, I have never been more inspired and thrilled in a job than when I have been training and consulting. The idea of helping individuals and organizations transform to reach objectives and milestones they never envisioned themselves achieving is an absolute rush! I have always been a strong proponent of customer focus and patient focus within Pharma. Being successful with this requires an organizational mindset shift requiring a fine tuned collaborative process of change management and capability building.

Steve Lytle

About me

My Areas of Expertise: Curriculum design and on-boarding, Go-to-Market and Customer Strategy Transformation, Capability Building, Employee Engagement and Accountability, and Change Management Strategy.

My Sector Focus: Organizational Development Life Sciences

My Languages: English

My Education: BSc Hons in Life Sciences from Queen’s University

My Experience:

Curriculum Design: Leadership and design of themed multi-phased on-boarding utilizing blended learning strategies ensuring thorough training and evaluation of skills, knowledge and behaviors. Themes are used which align to corporate values to instill a sense of value, energy, and belonging amongst the participants.

Customer Engagement Effectiveness: Championed the creation, refining and embedding of several Customer Engagement Strategies with various companies and clients resulting in improved partnerships, customer access and overall performance.

Change Management: Participated in and lead numerous change management strategies ensuring that internal stakeholders are aligned on the ”why” and understand the intended outcomes of the change process in order to ensure strong uptake and project success.

CRM Customization and Launch: Advised teams on the what and how of customer engagement strategies and the impact on CRM customization, ensuring understanding and alignment between various stakeholders from Sales, Marketing, Medical, IT and vendors.

Capability Building: Guided generation, implementation and positive impact of organization-wide commercial Learning and Development (L&D) strategy & operations for national pharma and various global projects as a country champion.

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