Hwe-See Teng

Senior Manager
in New Jersey, United States

I have 20+ years of experience leading change in businesses in sectors being disrupted by technology from the service to industrial sectors. My passion is using change as an opportunity to reinvent new ways of working that deliver greater value to customers. Having led businesses as a general manager, I have a first-hand appreciation for what it takes to mobilize teams and organizations behind a bold vision while taking the practical steps necessary to turn that vision into sustainable commercial value. I enjoy working collaboratively in international settings that take advantage of my diverse, cross-cultural experience.

Hwe-See Teng

About me

My Areas of Expertise: Business Strategy, Operating Model Design, Program & Change Management, IT System Implementation, Process Reengineering

My Sector Focus: Technology, Life Sciences

My Languages: English, Mandarin, German

My Education: Hult International Business School, MBA with distinction, Global Leadership, Strategic Management of new Technologies, Private Equity in China. National University of Singapore, BA Economics.

My Experience:

Program & Change Management: Project led, managed and completed, on time and budget, the successful opening and staffing of 3 new offices in Munich, Hamburg and Vienna.

Process Reengineering: Led and project managed global project with collaboration of staff from all levels and departments and external consultant to reduce the time for new product introduction from 12 to 1 month.

Employee Development & Compensation Program: Developed and implemented comprehensive compensation schemes and “instituted” company-wide training plans.

IT Systems Implementation: Taking a business, customer and user approach, successfully designed and implemented new IT systems from global rights control & pricing to sales support.

Digital Operating & Business Models: Starting with compelling customer value propositions then innovative digital deliver models, helped implement new digital businesses from Fast Moving Consumer Goods to on-line image and art libraries.

My News & Views

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