Matteo Sulis

Senior Manager
in Milan, Italy

I began working in consulting in 2010, and I decided to focus my professional growth in the redesign of processes involving digital components, and in the digitalization of processes. I am a strong advocate of a data-based approach to improvement and development.

Matteo Sulis

About me

My Areas of Expertise: Lean Six Sigma applied to Operational and Commercial Excellence, Process improvement, Process Redesign and digitalization, Process workflows and Business Process Management development, Web Reputation and digital communication.

My Sector Focus: Software, Retail, Financial Services, Health Science

My Languages: Italian and English

My Education: Studied sociology and organizational sciences at the Milan Bicocca University.

My Experience:

Digital Workflows and Process Re-Design: For a financial services company, analyzed and re-engineered several operational processes while designing and managing the development o a BPM workflow to digitalize and support them.

IT Process Redesign: For a software house operating in the financial services market, analyzed and helped re-design and implement software development processes to achieve a greater capability in responding to market needs, prioritizing product development and achieve greater efficiency whilst reducing waste and re-works.

Innovation Process Development: For an engineering development company, I have led a project team in developing processes aimed at continuously gathering new ideas and customer insights for new products and services. I have also supported them in the development of a new value proposition for the Customer Service division.

Web Reputation Management: Managed different projects helping clients in assessing their web related risks.  I have always strived to design and implement processes that can help my clients overcome these risks transform risks into opportunities for business growth.

Operation Excellence: In the R&D division of a Pharma company, I have coached a Project Team (under Green Belt training) in a Six Sigma project for re-designing the process of shipping clinical samples, patient kits and scientific equipment to meet the organization’s needs.

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