Emmanuel Grimaud

Managing Director, France
in Paris, France

Since 2014, I have assisted clients from diverse backgrounds. These include small and large businesses, public and private sectors, which have allowed me to help companies dealing with issues at the edge of their core competence and to transfer solutions and processes in a context different from the one they have been originally designed to.

Emmanuel Grimaud

My Story

My Areas of Expertise: People mobilization, international, regulations, innovation

My Sector Focus: Life Science, Air and Space, Energy, Defense and Oncology

My Languages: French, English and Italian

My Education: General Engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and Engineering degree in Aeronautics and Space from ENSAE in Toulouse, France. Studied Radiation Physics and Bioengineering during a  masters, PhD and post-doctorate curriculum. Executive training from  both GE and IMD in Lausanne. Process reengineering courses at the Hammer Institute in Boston.

My Experience:

Transformation in Regulated Industries:  Restructuring and privatizing public services and  negotiating international agreements as a senior  public servant.

Entrepreneurship: Starting up, developing a business and  upgrading talent as an entrepreneur in Product Certification,  Quality Assurance and Technical Services.

Strategic Process Management: Lean and value based process streamlining, design and reengineering.

Systems Deployment: Aligned with ERP systems and deployment, incidents & products liability management.

Post-Merger Integration: As a senior manager and executive, led the integration of both public and private enterprises.

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