Jingyu (Ella) Chen

in Tokyo, Japan

My background is in Business Analytics, IT System Development, Organizational Development and Talent Management. Through data-driven processes, I explored innovative ways to help stakeholders in both private and public sector to achieve sustainable growth and embrace digital transformation. What I can bring to every project are years of experience working in multi-cultural environment, solid skills in data analysis and web development, and determination to deliver practical and client-centred solutions.

Jingyu (Ella) Chen

My Areas of Expertise: Business Analytics, Digital Transformation, IT Development, Capability Building, Change Management, Organizational Development and Talent Management

My Sector Focus: ICT, FMCG & Retail, Financial Services

My Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English

My Education: MSc in Quantitative Marketing, University of Geneva (Switzerland); BSc (Honours) in Social Sciences, BA in English Literature at Chu Kochen Honours College, Zhejiang University (China); CFA Level I

My Experience:

Digital Transformation:

  • Developed piloting projects using Internet of Things and machine learning for predictive analytics to enhance the traceability and transparency of labour issues in sugarcane and palm oil industry
  • Supported process implementation of harmonized IT-based workflows between headquarter and international affiliates, delivered training & manuals to engage employees to embrace the corporate-wide changes

IT System Development: Responsible for designing and developing a full-stack information system which can record, track, manage and generate performance data for strategic compliance with labour laws, using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SQL and PHP; designed and built internal analytical tools to track the status of interventions and effectively review the intervention results

Organizational Development and Talent Management: Implemented projects to provide human resources solutions regarding organizational structures design, job evaluation and competency analysis; analyzed client’s compensation competence using data analysis to design more competitive pay scales

Capability Building: Developed and facilitated a sales excellence capability academy for a client in ICT industry across seven offices globally

Sustainability: Supported a multi-company and cross-sectoral innovation project targeting at improving the supply chain sustainability in fashion industry

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