Elena Dudauri

Business Analyst
in London, United Kingdom

My Bachelor's degree has allowed me to acquire a holistic understanding of business (areas ranging from accounting to business law), which I later complemented with a Master’s in information systems, focusing on the study of technological, social and economic aspects of digital transformation. My professional experience has been focused on business process automation and optimization.
With an international background, I have kindled my interpersonal skills, seeking cultural knowledge and versatility.

Elena Dudauri

About me

Education: MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation at London School of Economics; BSc Business Management at Queen Mary University of London

Languages:  English, Russian, French (limited proficiency)

Skills: Microsoft Office, Lucid Chart, Rivile (accounting software), Iiko (management software), R (basics)

My Experience:

  • Research: My dissertation focused on automated decision making in the Banking industry (loan application screening). I examined the delegation of tasks and responsibilities between human and computer agents, in particular the underlying mechanisms, conditions, requirements, and risks.
  • Business process optimization: Part of a supply-chain automation project for a restaurant management company, I built business process maps, analyzed processes in search for optimization and improvement opportunities, and acted as a liaison between the top management and third-party developers. I assisted in workshops for the employees. As a result, the company transitioned to a paperless invoice management and successfully onboarded all the suppliers to the in-house management system.
  • Accounting: Internship in accounting involved invoice crosschecks, organization and maintenance of financial records and inventory, cashflows and income statements.
  • Customer Relations: As a tourist relations coordinator, I covered building and maintaining long-term client relations, conducting client meetings and negotiations, addressing customer concerns and complaints.
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