Friedemann Lutz

in Warsaw, Poland

My passion is engaging all levels of an organization to achieve breakthrough change and new levels of performance.

Friedemann Lutz

About me

I have supported numerous Management Teams to run demanding change initiatives, translate ambitious strategic goals into reality and reach and sustain better business results. Many times I have facilitated the discovery of simple, innovative and customer-centric solutions while eliminating the burden of complexity.

My Areas of Expertise: Breakthrough (Digital) Change, Customer Centered Innovation, Process Improvement, Process Design, Simplicity, Performance Management.

My Sector Focus: Life Sciences, Financial Services

My Languages: English, German, Polish, French, Russian

My Education: Master in Business Psychology and Marketing

My Experience:

Strategy Implementation/Breakthrough Change/Process Improvement: Supported an entity of a leading global pharma company to implement a new strategy, process oriented organization and a continuous improvement culture leading to completely new levels of reliability and agility of performance.

Digital Innovation and Simplicity: For a leading European bank redesigned and simplified the customer experience of account opening and credit application processes leading to significantly increased sales.

Customer centered innovation/Digital Change/Simplicity/ Process Improvement: Led and coached improvement projects for an insurance company in Sales, Underwriting and Customer Service that delivered over €100 million in benefits.

Breakthrough Productivity Improvement: Helped a leading international pharmaceutical company to engage management and employees on all levels to double output in key processes.

Culture Change: Helped a leading global life science company to manage a challenging cultural turnaround supporting them with the design of the approach,  change management, organizational development, internal communications and achieving visible success in lighthouse projects.

My News & Views

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