Nicolai Dorka

in Hamburg, Germany

For more than 20 years, I have been consulting clients across various industries and geographies on branding, marketing, communications and change management topics. I have helped clients develop and implement brand strategies, structure and simplify brand portfolios and create corporate values and a company’s purpose. I have supported clients with designing functional capability frameworks and helped them with creating engaging and inspiring ways of employee communication.

Nicolai Dorka

About me

My Areas of Expertise: Branding, Communications, Change Management, Corporate Culture, Purpose Development

My Sector Focus: Life Sciences, Chemicals, Energy, Renewable Energy

My Languages: German (native), English

My Education: MBA, Pepperdine University, Los Angeles (major: Marketing),
BA, University of Hamburg, Germany (major: Business Administration)

My Experience:

Market-Focused Innovation: Translating business opportunities into new sources of revenues; using customer insights for New Product development; steering Rapid Prototyping Processes & customer validation in order to assess viability of new products & services; Roll-Out and launches of new products.

Strategic Marketing & Branding: Developing and communicating compelling value propositions; developing customer segmentation models; generating customer insights and translating insights into customer benefits; developing creative campaigns to help achieve desired positioning for (new) products & services.

Purpose Development: Developing and implementing a company’s purpose to change corporate culture, increase employee satisfaction and motivation.

Communications: Developing and implementing communications strategies across all touch-points with target groups internal and external.

Change Management: Identifying stakeholders, pivotal messages and the best channels to reach them; developing tools to drive stakeholder engagement and commitment; crafting vision, mission & values.

Always amazing to see how people increase their commitment once you give them opportunities to actively engage.

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