Katsuaki Kinase

Senior Manager
in Tokyo, Japan

While my experiences are upstream strategy development, innovation, my approach to client is facilitative and collaborative. Trusting in the capability of client and its organizational capability, I have supported client, very hands-on, to involve key people from different layers of organization.
Change and results, not only financial but sustainable capabilities are what I have pursued for in my career.

Katsuaki Kinase

About me

My Areas of Expertise: Strategy, Innovation, Business Development, IT, Change Management, Group Governance

My Sector Focus: Finance, Manufacturing (Auto), IT

My Languages: Japanese, English

My Education: Kanagawa University, Department of Biological Science

My Experience:

Strategic Innovation:

-Have helped major Japanese manufacturing companies to find a new business opportunity.  Often involved from the planning of the change and direction of innovation, have also designed a workshop to generate business ideas.  One of the recent accomplishment is idea generation workshop. Where 30+ R&D engineers gathered for 2 days, to create more than 300 different ”business” ideas, coming out of product-out silo mindset

Globalizing Operation: Organization & Leadership

-Have helped major Japanese manufacturing companies to plan for framework of globalizing their talent pool, with phased implementation plan

-Have helped  IT department of Japanese companies to prepare for the next generation team of leaders, so the IT department can transform to become value creating team, rather than cost-center, only in charge of maintaining of existing hardware/software

-Have designed organization structure, and drafted job description in the strategic way, for newly formed medical affairs department for global pharmaceutical company operating in Japan

Strategy Formulation:

-Have crafted strategies for business, functional team, etc, at numerous Japanese companies, typically producing mid-term plan, strategic direction, and business cases

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