Steve Crom

Senior Advisor
in Hamburg, Germany

For 35 years, I have supported leaders and organizations in achieving sustainable breakthroughs in performance. Trained as an economist, I realized early in my career that getting to the right answer is at most 20% of the solution. Unlocking and mobilizing an organization’s creative and productive potential to implement solutions is the bigger challenge. Experience shows that co-discovery, co-design and the engagement of those responsible for making changes work is the key to sustainable improvement.

Steve Crom

About me

My Areas of Expertise: Leadership Coaching, Strategy Development, Post merger Integration, Team Effectiveness, Organizational Design and Change Management.

My Sector Focus: Life Sciences and Financial Services

My Languages: English, German and French

My Education: MBA at the University of Chicago, BA in Economics  at  Beloit College and the London School of Economics

My experience:

Examples of recent engagements in the Life Sciences, Financial Services, and Consumer Goods sector include:

Strategy Development: Worked with leaders and their teams to create and communicate a compelling vision and pragmatic strategies for breakthroughs in performance.

Business Transformation: Designed and implemented an agile innovation team and governance structure that helped set a revolutionary new standard of care in the medical technology sector.

Post-Merger Integration: Helped bring two companies from different locations with different cultures together into one effective commercial operations team by engaging key stakeholders to co-create a compelling vision and learn new ways of working collaboratively.

Team Effectiveness: Facilitated the development of teams at all levels: business leadership, functional and cross-functional, to be more effective.

Commercial Excellence: Helped develop and implement an integrated, cross-functional brand planning process for a Biopharma client that integrates the needs of all P5 customers.

Leadership Coaching: Coached senior executives leading their companies through strategic change.
Capability Building: Defined the forward-looking competencies needed to drive growth through new and in-market products.

I was born in the US, work internationally and have lived in Germany since 1993. I speak English, French and German.

The hardest thing to learn is something you think you already know!

My News & Views

Podcast: An Integrated Development and Commercialization Process for New Medicines
John Glasspool, CEO and President of Anthos Therapeutics met with Steve Crom to discuss the challenges of giving patients access to new medicines.
Podcast: An Integrated Development and Commercialization Process for New Medicines
1 minute
15 June, 2021
Transformational Leadership: True Patient-Centricity in Health Care
A successful Executive from FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) becomes the CEO of a Dutch hospital to transform and future-proof its current business model.
Transformational Leadership: True Patient-Centricity in Health Care
1 minute
27 May, 2021
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