Steve Crom

Chairman & Partner
in Hamburg, Germany

For 35 years, I have supported leaders and organizations in achieving sustainable breakthroughs in performance. Trained as an economist, I realized early in my career that getting to the right answer is at most 20% of the solution. Unlocking and mobilizing an organization’s creative and productive potential to implement solutions is the bigger challenge. Experience shows that co-discovery, co-design and the engagement of those responsible for making changes work is the key to sustainable improvement.

Steve Crom

About me

My Areas of Expertise: Leadership Coaching, Strategy Development, Post merger Integration, Team Effectiveness, Organizational Design and Change Management.

My Sector Focus: Life Sciences and Financial Services

My Languages: English, German and French

My Education: MBA at the University of Chicago, BA in Economics  at  Beloit College and the London School of Economics

My experience:

Examples of recent engagements in the Life Sciences, Financial Services, and Consumer Goods sector include:

Strategy Development: Worked with leaders and their teams to create and communicate a compelling vision and pragmatic strategies for breakthroughs in performance.

Business Transformation: Designed and implemented an agile innovation team and governance structure that helped set a revolutionary new standard of care in the medical technology sector.

Post-Merger Integration: Helped bring two companies from different locations with different cultures together into one effective commercial operations team by engaging key stakeholders to co-create a compelling vision and learn new ways of working collaboratively.

Team Effectiveness: Facilitated the development of teams at all levels: business leadership, functional and cross-functional, to be more effective.

Commercial Excellence: Helped develop and implement an integrated, cross-functional brand planning process for a Biopharma client that integrates the needs of all P5 customers.

Leadership Coaching: Coached senior executives leading their companies through strategic change.
Capability Building: Defined the forward-looking competencies needed to drive growth through new and in-market products.

I was born in the US, work internationally and have lived in Germany since 1993. I speak English, French and German.

The hardest thing to learn is something you think you already know!