Emanuel Genoese

in Milan, Italy

I joined Oxygy in September 2018 and have been working with several clients across different industries on operational excellence, process re-design and business strategy, helping them optimize operational models, working on five elements: People, Processes, KPI, Structure and Technology. I have supported clients to design effective processes to improve their performance through innovative solutions.

Emanuel Genoese

About me

My Areas of Expertise: Operational Excellence, Digitalization, Business Strategy

My Sector Focus: Pharma, Educational, Financial Services

My Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese

My Education: MSc Management at Bocconi, BA Business Administration and Management at Bocconi



My Experience:

Process Re-Design: Supported the design of simpler and more effective Finance and Budget processes for a leading company in the Pharma industry.

Operational Excellence: Conducted interviews with key roles within the organization to assess the “As-Is” operational model to identify areas for improvement; helped generate innovative ideas for structure and new organizational roles, systems and processes for a leading company in the pharma industry.

Digitalization: Supported the analysis for the implementation of an integrated technology solution to eliminate redundant activities and reduce time- consuming tasks for a top internationally-rated university.

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