New Perspectives for Unlocking Value in Pharma:

The Power of "Outside-in" – achieving breakthrough patient and health care outcomes starts by taking a new perspective.

Meeting the challenges in Health Care will require business model innovation and new ways of working.

Evolving operating models from small molecule to specialty and Rare Disease medicines
Reducing time to market for new therapies with the broadest possible access for patients
Effectively running multiple Go-to-market strategies, from Generics to Innovative Medicines to Digital Products
Lack of outside-in thinking, siloed functional views through the company lens distinguishes unsuccessful from successful companies
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OXYGY specializes in helping clients unlock the full potential of business transformation

Meeting challenges in healthcare demands fresh perspectives and a shift from an inside-out company and brand focus to an outside-in patient, customer and health care system needs driven approach.

We aid in reengineering your business and operating models through transformation expertise and “outside-in guidance” at every stage of building your organizational structures, processes and capabilities, fostering patient and healthcare ecosystem understanding and  engagement for superior market acceptance of your offerings.

At OXYGY, we empower organizations through people-driven change. We accelerate value realization of your strategies by fostering

  • Ownership through co-developing solutions in collaboration with the very people who shape the future and
  • Adoption through effective communication, thorough training and expert change management. Our focus is on meeting the information, learning and energizing needs of every individual affected by the transformation.

Develop Outside-In as an “Organizational Capability” that transforms Market Acceptance

Inspiring Purpose
Integrated Strategy
Patient & health system centric processes
Fit for purpose go-to-market models
People and Culture
Leadership to champion outside-in thinking
Inspiring Purpose
We empower you to collaboratively shape a compelling outward-focused purpose that goes beyond mere profit pursuit, driving meaningful engagement and alignment of your people. We help translate this purpose into actionable contributions for each function and align your business strategy and customer (5P) engagement approach with the purpose.
Integrated Strategy
We support you in refining, simplifying and articulating the promises of your strategies, grounded in deep market, patient and healthcare system insights, ensuring alignment across the business. We help pinpoint critical success factors for execution, evaluate capability gaps, and build organizational capabilities needed to implement and unlock the value of your strategies.
Patient & health system centric processes
Starting with stakeholders needs, we guide the assessment of your organizational set up and co-design efficient, globally scalable processes, workflows and governance structures to deliver value across functions for patients, HC Systems and the company. We facilitate the alignment of policies, budgets, goals and incentives to enhance performance management, fostering shared accountability and improved health outcomes.
Fit for purpose go-to-market models
In response to evolving portfolio and market needs we assist you reimagining and innovating your go-to-market strategies for transformed customer understanding and engagement, all while ensuring a profitable, streamlined and competitive resource blend. We help assess organizational capabilities, roles, resources and tools needed for a successful engagement approach and optimize their organization and utilization.
People and Culture
We help pinpoint essential, future-ready competencies, collaboratively craft job profiles and co-design blended learning experiences to equip people to succeed. Our Stakeholder engagement, guided by the principle “If it is about me, then not without me”, at every step of the transformation journey fosters a culture of ownership, learning and collaboration, recognizing those who put “customers” first.
Leadership to champion outside-in thinking
We help align leaders at every level with a shared purpose, vision, and the actionable steps to bring them to life. Together, we shape leader competencies and behaviors that champion “customer”-centricity, foster innovation, collaboration, and partnerships, ultimately driving better health outcomes. We assist leaders as change champions offering advisory and coaching support along their transformation journey.


We are a global management consulting firm whose mission is to help clients transform and build the capabilities needed to thrive in a volatile world. Core to our success in helping clients adopt new ways of working is our collaborative approach to engaging those who will be impacted most by the change. Our reputation as trusted advisors is built upon our track record of helping clients achieve sustainable business results.

We have a long standing sector focus in Life Sciences – working with clients to co-discover, co-design and co-deliver business solutions. Our experienced global team of consultants and former executives from the Life Science industry have strong expertise in business model innovation, transformation and change projects.

OXYGY is affiliated with Bird & Bird, the international law firm with 150 years of history that has earned a first-rate reputation as advisors to leading global businesses.

Oxygen + Synergy = OXYGY: a new breed of consulting company.

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