Creating A New Operating Model During Post Merger Integration

Following a merger, a Life Sciences company had two commercial operations groups in different locations where the legacy companies were headquartered. Amidst the anticipated nervousness about job losses and clash of culture, the Head of Commercial Operations brought the two units together to unite around an inspiring vision and detailed roadmap that boosted morale and engaged employees.

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What was the challenge?

Recognizing that the only constant is change, whether organizational or market driven,  the Head of Commercial Operations asked, “How can we create an agile, flexible organization during this merger knowing that other changes will come in the future; and, the demand from our Therapeutic Area Franchises is infinite while our resources are finite?”

What we did

The Commercial Operations Leadership team articulated a compelling vision of their contribution to the overall business. They agreed on criteria by which to judge organizational alternatives, developed those alternatives and selected the best fit solution. With agility as a key priority, the leadership team identified the capabilities needed to successful implement the new operating model, analysed the gaps and took steps to close them. Investments to help employees polish their personal brand  provided individuals with a meaningful and portable benefit.

What was the outcome?

The integration and new, more agile ways of working were highly successful and the Commercial Operations team won a company award for their achievements. In an industry-wide event, the results and approach were recognized with an Innovation award. Equally important, all those who participated in the transformation became stronger leaders and champions of change through this hands-on experience.

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