Tech Business Expansion across the Pond

OXYGY Helped a market leading US communication product and services provider expand their business operations to capture growth opportunities. Coordinating several internal and external stakeholders to deliver an end-to-end internationalization and market entry program, we provided contractual support as well as state of the art data protection consulting services required by local markets.

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What was the challenge?

This major US provider was looking to transform itself from a purely domestic business to an international organization. It needed to balance the risk of heavily-subsidized domestic revenues with overseas revenues and  was seeking to develop a proven launch excellence practice for future international expansions.

What we did

We started the engagement by providing robust product and market research. Based on insights garnered from the data, we enabled the client to  execute both technical process implementation testing and gathered customer feedback. We finalized the engagement with a fit for purpose business and operating model, aligned with the client’s go to market approach.  We built a rigorous, repeatable in-house internationalization capability for future growth.

What was the outcome?

Working closely with the client, we developed a roadmap for the company to operate across borders in growth markets, providing a clear pathway for future  revenue streams.

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