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Why sustainability?

Sustainability can unlock new opportunities to innovate, create a strong sense of purpose, and engage employees in positive change that creates lasting business value.

What are key drivers for change?

Sustainability as a means to achieve strategic business objectives.
Functions within the organization and between players across the value chain to achieve greater impact and be more resilient.
With key stakeholders, create an ecosystem for mutual accountability e.g., public/private partnerships.
Sustainability is now driven by new technologies and innovation.

How we are approaching sustainability?

We make sustainability an integral part of your business model

Guiding questions (example)

  • Who is driving your company’s sustainability agenda? Why?
  • How does sustainability relate to your purpose as a business?
  • What return on investment have you achieved through your sustainability initiatives?
  • What challenges do you see ahead to get to the next level?


International Food Retailer
Sustainability and food safety strategies for sourcing including sustainable coffee, global fruit & vegetables and seafood

Established low-energy super store initiative drawing on flexible store design and just-in-time construction
Life Sciences
Redesigned global business model to respond to changing healthcare business and social & environmental demands

Helped a leading medical device manufacturer identify and formulate innovative value propositions for non-clinical stakeholders

Advising leaders of a pharma company in addressing the challenges of access in emerging markets
Innovation, change and disruption
Restructured a multi-company project for environmental improvement for blueberry and strawberry growing in the sensitive Doñana region of Spain

Supply chain integration, sourcing strategy, smallholder farmer finance programs

Re-inventing relationships with coffee farmers in East Africa for large coffee merchant

Start-ups in digital coffee trade and innovative fibers from agricultural waste
Energy & Procurement
Reduced site energy costs (power and gas) by leveling consumption and eliminating three times higher costs in peak hours

Helped a European procurement function design and deploy a process improvement strategy for suppliers resulting in dramatic reduction of waste

More on sustainability

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OXYGY is the consulting arm of Bird & Bird, the international law firm with 150 years of history that has earned a first-rate reputation as advisors to leading global businesses.

In today’s changing business landscape, we give you the tools and capabilities to succeed. Not just now, but in the future.

We combine management consultancy, digital innovation and legal expertise to give you real solutions – for business results that last.

Oxygen + Synergy = OXYGY: a new breed of consulting company.

Reasons to work with us

We help you solve business challenges while building the capabilities needed to thrive in the future.
In addition, we have legal expertise through our partnership with leading international law firm Bird&Bird
To develop innovative strategies, operating and business models
To turn risks and opportunities into commercial value
To ensure sustainable results by CO-discovering, CO-designing and CO-delivering solutions

Learn More

about OXYGY’s offering and how we can support your sustainability activities.

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