Regulatory Compliance

From privacy and data protection to trade secrets and financial services regulation, new and heightened compliance obligations present a serious operational challenge. The impact on strategy, processes, systems, governance and competencies can be huge. Poorly implemented changes can add significant cost as well as creating unnecessary risks and undermining competitiveness in the market. By bringing together legal experts and highly experienced operational design and change management specialists, we help businesses implement effective compliance programs and management frameworks. Our unique combination of skills not only ensures better compliance, but it delivers the efficiencies needed for success.

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Compliance Management Framework

Set and achieve your business compliance standards

Achieving effective enterprise-wide compliance can be a big challenge. We review your current compliance operating model (people, process, technology & data, performance management and structure) and work with you to design and implement measures to radically improve efficiency and business success.

Compliance Implementation Programme

Achieve cost-effective compliance

Across sectors, on-going industry reform has resulted in a wave of incoming regulations and complex compliance requirements. Managing this is far from simple. As well as the legal side of the problem, there is the challenge of how to comply. We work with you to adapt your business strategy, modify processes, and set IT standards and behaviors for regulatory compliance and optimum efficiency.

James Mullock, Bird & Bird
Bird & Bird and OXYGY together make a great team, we really do complement each other’s skillsets. For example, in the run-in to the GDPR's go live date in 2018, several clients hired our joint expertise to help them complete their GDPR compliance programs. In particular, they valued a combined solution that could deliver both legal and change management expertise.

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