Operating Model

Complexity increases daily: customers expect more, regulators demand more, and shareholders want more. And that's not to mention the market implications of business and economic disruption. Spot solutions like a new computer system or reorganizing are no longer enough. Taking a systematic, balanced view, we help you adapt by creating, improving and aligning the vital elements of your operating model in support of your overall strategic objectives.

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Operational Excellence

Drive continuous improvement

For an organization to thrive requires more than a sound business strategy and an innovative product or value proposition. It also relies on the effectiveness of operations, which when done well can give you a strong competitive edge. We will help you generate measurable and sustainable gains in productivity, using state-of-the-art methodologies to help you develop strong internal capabilities, processes, infrastructure, and a culture that thrives on continuous improvement.

Business Process Improvement

Improve your productivity

The pace of the modern business environment requires constant monitoring and optimization of processes and procedures. This is especially so in sectors where technology is rapidly evolving and completely transforming how things are done, as well as highly-regulated sectors facing incoming or ongoing reform. We will work with you to deliver business value more effectively and efficiently by helping you design, improve and manage your core processes.

Capability Building

Adapt your business and thrive in a complex world

New strategies, and executing existing strategies, often call for new capabilities. What skills, knowledge and attitudes are needed? What is the best way to organize those resources? What structures, processes, ways of measuring and managing performance have to be adapted? Building on your unique business challenges, we look for gaps in your current capabilities and then find ways to fill them. We will help you take advantage of growth opportunities by helping you transform your business operating model and related capabilities. Together, we can help you increase organizational speed, flexibility, and strength.

Paolo Patri, CTO at Stevanato Group
Thanks to the collaboration with OXYGY, I have been able to convert my transformative vision of the future of Pharma R&D in a pragmatic reality of fit for purpose processes, roles, capabilities and leadership style.

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