Organizational Set-up for a Multi-Billion EUR Carve Out

Challenges and tasks

Type of Project:  Change, Communications, and Team Formation

Shareholders elected to complete a multi-billion-dollar divestment of a long-time business unit in under 18 months from decision to completion. Due to full integration of business services, the IT team needed to be rapidly formed from transfers and hires and activated to conduct separation activities.


  • Manage multiple streams of sensitive HR data to streamline the placement process
  • Take the new team from “Forming” to “Performing” in less than 3 monthsMinimize TSA costs by quickly activating the team and thereby cutting the time to build and go live on new systems to replace the parent systems

oAttract top talent with a strong value proposition for the new IT team

OXYGY's Approaches

Resources, Workshops, Data Management, Communication, Change Coaching

  • Modernize the classic IT operating model approach through a highly accessible web-based knowledge management system and hybrid onboarding program
  • Implement the “OXYGY Lift Off Approach” for rapid team formation: Leadership Jump Starter, Team Accelerator, Change Boot Camp, and Go Agile Roadmap
  • Daily tracking and communications with talent, strategy, and people teams to maintain accurate data, protect privacy, and accelerate talent acquisition

Outcomes and value created

  • Repeatable team orientation and formation program implemented
  • Integration of new team members reduced to under 30 days

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