Interview with Andrew Hobday (Mars) on Sustainability: Engagement & Innovation (Part 1)

Steve Crom
Steve Crom
For 35 years, I have supported leaders and organizations in achieving sustainable breakthroughs in performance.
1 minute
28 October, 2020

In our newest podcast series, we talk to practitioners from the business world about one of the most burning topics for business leaders today: sustainability.

In these conversations we want to find out how companies can integrate sustainability into their long-term strategies, execute projects and initiatives successfully and unlock new opportunities to innovate, create a strong sense of purpose, and engage employees in positive change that creates lasting business value.

In the first episode OXYGY Chairman & Partner Steve Crom talks to Andrew Hobday, former Global Chief Sustainability Officer for Mars, about the start of the sustainability journey of his former employer.

Also available on Spotify.

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Dannie Yung
4:19 PM, 30 October, 20

The vital fews.. !

Thank you Steve for making the interview and the podcasts…

Bertrand LEPINOY
5:49 PM, 31 October, 20

Hi all,

Andrew Hobday’s interview sounds to me very accurate and to the point ; when listening to the answers to Steve Crom questions, it recalls my passionating experience at Total as Group purchasing / supply chain coordinator with respect to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Sustainability issues obviously matter when it comes to managing company environmental footprint, social attractiveness / leadership and governance (ESG) search for excellence.

Where CSR / ESG fundamental principles are concerned, it’s also very true, as very well explained by Andrew, that internal & external CSR achievements should be consistent ; in particular, the quality / rating of any company’s supply chain CRS policy should match (be reflected into) such company global CSR reputation. Thanks for this rich interview !

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