The Virtual Consultant

A flexible and remote approach to resourcing your consulting needs

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24 March, 2020

Introducing The Virtual Consultant

Technologies such as Zoom, Slack, Miro or Trello facilitate interactive communication, idea generation, problem solving and project management in a remote setting. OXYGY’s Virtual Consultants leverage these tools to support companies who are looking for hands-on facilitation, coaching or project support and have limited or not the right resources. Our innovative solution delivers a tailored solution for clients with the impact and quality we are so well known for.

Could you benefit from?

The Virtual Consultant is designed to support many of the traditional consulting services in a virtual way, backed by the expertise and reach of an international consulting firm. Examples of our remote support include:

  • Workshop Facilitation, e.g. for idea generation, problem solving, process improvement
  • Project Management, e.g. activity tracking, stakeholder communication, meeting management
  • Coaching, e.g. for new leaders, specific challenges, personal development
  • Communication, e.g. employee communication, crisis communication, press releases
  • Learning, e.g., tutorials, short training sessions, webinars


What do you get?

  • Access to a wide range of pragmatic support in line with your needs, where and when you need it
  • The coverage you need, at a predictable and manageable cost
  • No overheads or travel expenses compared to hiring your own full-time resources or on-site consultants

How does it work?

  • We discuss your needs and agree a fixed fee based on the nature and level of support required
  • We agree on regular monitoring, reviews, and safeguards for both you and us to ensure there is no over- or under-resourcing


To find out more about how The Virtual Consultant can help you, please get in touch with us:

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