Agile Leadership Podcast #1: Learning to Dance

2 minutes
20 May, 2020

Agile Leadership Podcast #1: Learning to Dance

Over the last 10 years as business environments have become more complex, in nearly every sector, companies have evolved from doing business predominantly one way to running different, multiple business models simultaneously. As the world becomes less and less predictable, adaptive, agile ways of working are more relevant than ever.

In this Podcast Steve Crom and Günter Kloucek are looking at agility on four levels: individual, teams, functions and organizations.

Episode 1: Learning to Dance 

In this Episode Steve and Günter talk about:

  • Becoming agile – Why is it so challenging to create an agile organisation?
  • Developing yourself as a leader
  • Personal sacrifices

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About the Hosts

Steve Crom is Chairman & Partner of OXYGY. Trained as an economist, he realized early in his career that getting to the right answer is at most 20% of the solution. Unlocking and mobilizing an organization’s creative and productive potential to implement solutions is the bigger challenge. Experience shows that co-discovery, co-design and the engagement of those responsible for making changes work is the key to sustainable improvement.

Günter Kloucek is a Director at OXYGY. Prior to consulting, Günter was the General Manager of Takeda Germany. He has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and held operating company responsibility as well as led corporate functions including business strategy.

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Margaret cronin
1:00 PM, 23 May, 20

Hi Steve, I love the sentiment and clarity of your podcast. Agile theory always brings me back to my GE days in Dublin- was way ahead of it’s time!
It’s so nice to hear your calm voice – and love the musical touch !!
Miss Valerie… and I do hope you and your family are doing well in these strange times – Stay safe.

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