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5 Success factors for effective digital transformation in Pharma
Digitalization is a key trend in healthcare which is going to reshape and disrupt existing business models. New health information technology provides real time access to health data and advanced analytics...
4 minutes
29 January, 2020
Providing Patients Better Access Through Collaboration
Simultaneously creating value for patients, suppliers of medicines and the healthcare system is a win/win/win proposition.
6 minutes
17 October, 2018
Creating an agile, future proof, company culture
A “future proof” company is one that is able to anticipate, adapt and capitalize on emerging opportunities. It is able to prosper in a paradoxical world.
13 minutes
11 September, 2018
Applications of AR/VR in Healthcare
How AR/VR technology can help in a healthcare setting.
1 minute
24 April, 2018
Shifting from Price to Value
Implications for pharma organizations in the inevitable shift from price to value.
1 minute
28 March, 2018
Building the Capabilities For a New ‘Patient Access’ Model
Taking a forward-looking competency-based approach to accelerate the development of patient access talent.
6 minutes
6 March, 2016
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