Change Leadership Bootcamp for M&A Integration Enablement

Challenges and tasks

A Multinational Pharmaceutical Leader acquired a multi-billion euro innovative start-up and wanted to ensure the new organization was effectively integrated while maintaining the innovation and agility that had led to their success. OXYGY was invited to support to enable the organization to transition through the transformation with reduced turnover and high positive integration with the parent organization.

OXYGY's Approaches

Change Management in place to encompass the organizational changes, processes, tools, and techniques and to achieve the required business outcome

  • Faster / smoother response to change
  • Ensure Business Continuity
  • Sustained Engagement
  • Empowered individuals to embrace new ways of working

Outcomes and value created


  • Identify and implement the right change and communication support and creating a safe spaces for associate concerns as client modified organization to maximize strategic focus
  • Change Readiness Assessment to measure of extent to which impacted groups may be ready & able to change
  • Change Essentials Intro workshop to understand change, manage stress, develop mental muscles
  • Peer Coaching, Group support and individual coaching to enhance cross-fertilization, promote cohesion, reinforce trust and create a sense of community
  • Change Agent Listening Sessions to provide insight into success / progress of transformation process

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