Unlocking the potential of the commercial organization of a pharma company: Defining vision, roadmap and critical capabilities needed

Challenges and tasks

The commercial organisation of the Gene Therapy arm of a pharma company underutilize its capacity due to lacking:

  • a common vision,
  • a roadmap towards that vision, and
  • necessary capabilities needed to fulfil the vision.

OXYGY's Approaches

  • Co-Designing and facilitation of virtual strategy workshops
  • Consolidation of outcomes into vision and roadmap presentation
  • Review and definition of necessary capabilities with the leadership team

Outcomes and value created

Unlocking the potential of the commercial organization through:

  • defining the aspirations for patients and other stakeholders
  • defining vision & values for the commercial organisation
  • roadmaps to the commercial vision developed through a series of design workshops
  • reviewing required capabilities and defining them with the leadership team
  • advising the leadership team on the capability building approach

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Areas of Expertise

  • Capability Building
  • Cell & Gene
  • Strategy
  • Vision development


  • Pharma


  • Commercial
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