Supporting agile transformation in manufacturing R&D processes

Challenges and tasks

  • The investigative team of an international pharmaceutical company wanted to break away from the waterfall development mentality (which implied a workplace culture in of unnecessarily tedious work, not leading to the desired outcomes).
  • They aimed to achieve this by radically transforming the R&D process and using digital tools to (at least) halve the number of development man-hours, while ensuring management’s attention is on the new, streamlined process.

OXYGY's Approaches

  • Co-discovery with visualization of past development examples, identifying issues, and provisional concept definition
  • Project management with charter and timeline setting
  • Co-design phase with supporting client-led R&D concept design through workshops
  • A new agile development concept to capture small mass

Outcomes and value created

  • Implemented and supported a pilot for the R&D teams to substantially reduce effort while keeping quality (6 months and onwards)
  • Defining and setting stage gates, new workflows with Scrum-based playbook
  • Pilot planning using a cloud-based management system
  • Practical concept validation through pilot support (Scrum Master role)

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Areas of Expertise

  • Business processes
  • Export/Import
  • International trade
  • Logistics


  • Pharma


  • R & D
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