Prepare for digitization: Defining a global target process for Export/Import operations

Challenges and tasks

  • A global pharmaceutical company performed export/import operations mainly manually without effective process control.
  • This implies risks of errors (due to the huge manual data flow), external audits creating disruptions, long delivery lead times and delays, high effort for other functions (like R&D) on deliveries administrations.
  • The objective was to define a common global target process involving the most important countries – as a foundation for future process digitization.

OXYGY's Approaches

  • Applied our co-design approach to co-create common for different countries processes flows during 3-days of working meetings with 20 participants from 8 countries.
  • Workshop facilitation included capabilities building on how to run such workshops, enabling the client to deep dive into process details and create new processes themself in the future.

Outcomes and value created

  • Reached common vision of target process among the key process actors from 10+ countries
  • Targeted processes flows were created according to BPMN 2.0. standard in ‘ready for digital execution’ environment
  • Defined expected functionalities of the future IT solution
  • Identified local specifics (at the level of master data) for general global processes

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Areas of Expertise

  • Business processes
  • Export/Import
  • International trade
  • Logistics


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  • Logistics
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