Health Care Professional (HCP) Engagement – from Compliance to Innovation health care professionals

Challenges and tasks

The local affiliate of a global leading pharma company, aspiring to develop the best customer expericence in HCP engagements fully compliant to the new anti-corruption law:

  • Set up processes, actions and guidelines to design and deliver changes in its compliance culture;
  • Engage staff to transform a regulatory challenge into an opportunity and get ahead of the competition with innovative breakthrough solutions for HCP engagement;
  • Identify ways to comply with newly implemented regulation and establish guidelines, which work for both business and compliance.

OXYGY's Approaches

  • Understand and analyse expectations and goals of all stakeholders
  • Clarify and make transparent goals and purpose of changes
  • Define crystal clear rules of what to do (and what not to do) with HCPs

Outcomes and value created

Converted a new regulatory lamination into a driver of innovation with:

  • Clarified purpose of the new rules and establishing guidelines
  • Simplified and fast-tracked compliance approval process for compliant standard events
  • Defined a simple process to design new innovative events with early involvement of legal and compliance
  • Piloted innovative, effective and compliant processes for new types of events and for cooperation with HCPs

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Areas of Expertise

  • Innovation
  • Process optimization
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk management


  • Pharma


  • Commercial
  • Legal & Compliance
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