Developing commercial vision and roadmaps for the gene therapy centre of excellence

Challenges and tasks

A pharma company integrated a newly acquired a Gene Therapy business by creating a centre of excellence (COE), supported by a clear value proposition, capabilities and united Leadership Team.

Objectives were to:

  • support the integration of a new acquisition,
  • define critical success factors and a clear COE identity,
  • identify key decisions to be made during integration

OXYGY's Approaches

  • Ensured key insights extraction through SMEs interview design and performance
  • Value proposition development framework
  • Identifying critical capabilities and integration decisions

Outcomes and value created

OXYGY’s approach ensured a high level of whole leadership team engagement, enabling successfully reaching our commitment to the COE by:

  • Assisting the client agree on Value proposition definition for COE
  • Defining of Critical success factors of COE and dos and don’ts of COE leadership
  • Reviewing and confirming critical capabilities

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Areas of Expertise

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