Designed a new vision of the future customer journey in order to energize the organization for digitization

Challenges and tasks

A leading insurance company faced with the following issues:

  • Product lines working in silo,
  • Each line worked with their own (successful) approach to sales & service, with different tools & customer experiences,
  • Focussed sales within each product line, with little attention to the wholistic customer needs and potential cross sell,
  • Despite some digitization pockets of excellence (mostly automation), the potential of data & digital for providing better understanding of the customer needs and providing value add was barely used.

The Goal: Energize the organization for data & digital with tangible impact for customers & business results.

OXYGY's Approaches

  • Co-discover: Current state, exposing the pain points and complexity of processes & experiences for sales force & customer
  • Co-design: Developing a wholistic customer journey with value propositions playing together, using the potential to better serve the customer with new technology
  • Co-implement: Designing a multi generation implementation roadmap

Outcomes and value created

  • The future state customer journey served as a lighthouse to energize & guide the company towards:
  • A better wholistic customer experience
  • A much stronger engagement of staff for digitization (for the good of the customer)
  • Increased sales, mainly driven by improved cross selling and retention

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