Customer-centric approach for successful global product launch localization

Challenges and tasks

  • The local affiliate of a global pharma player had to ensure a successful major product launch (neurological diseases)
  • The challenge was to translate the global strategy into a customer centric, cross-functional local launch strategy and tactics incorporating the perspective of the 5 Ps* to:
    • leverage global positioning
    • enhance patient care through timely use of this therapy
    • ensure broad access for patients

OXYGY's Approaches

  • We applied OXYGYs co-discover approach for current launch preparation analysis and understanding of customer behavior
  • Our co-design approach generated a mind-shift change from a brand to a stakeholder-centric practice (outside-in) for launch strategy planning, go-to-market solutions design and value creation
  • Application of AGILE principles ensured a successful co-delivery via iterative strategy execution planning
  • All Co-Co-Cos were performed together with the clients’ executives, ensuring a high level of engagement, enabling efficient change management, communication and commitment to deliver

Outcomes and value created

Maximized expected success of the launch and minimized risks thanks to:

  • Local Launch Strategy leveraging global product positioning and strategic imperatives
  • Carefully collecting and analyzing local data and insights on stakeholder needs, value drivers and behaviors  (Patient Journey & Levers of Growth, Market Maps & Target Segments)
  • Differentiation of the brand through clinical evidence and value adding solutions based on stakeholder understanding
  • Mind-shift change of the local neuro team toward new product launches – from “execute from internal brand perspective” to “outside-in, stakeholder centric strategies and tactics”
  • Careful planning and project management x-functional roadmap for implementation in sprints with detailed activities, timings and owners defined

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