5P marketing competency development for a global pharma company

Challenges and tasks

Healthcare marketing is becoming more complex with the new decision makers (5P – Patients, Physicians, Professional Healthcare Administrators, Payers and Policy Makers).

Many new competencies are required to manage them on all levels and geographies.


  • Establish common marketing competencies for commercial excellence
  • Reinforce the mindset, competencies and tools for P5

OXYGY's Approaches

  • Co-Discover: Interviewing key subject matter experts
  • Co-Design: Design of a competencies based on P5 model
  • Co-Deliver: Providing communication support for a pilot across regions and franchises

Outcomes and value created

Covered all targeted capability gaps and built competencies to deal with future capability gaps

thanks to:

  • Joint definition of competencies with all stakeholders to create the P5 competency model
  • Development of P5 competency assessment approach, tool and reports
  • Creation of a tool kit on how to use and interpret results for development
  • Pilot the P5 marketing competency approach and assessment tool
  • Creation of development program tool kit and build training content post-pilot results

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Areas of Expertise

  • Capability Building


  • Pharma


  • Marketing
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