International Fellowship

We are looking to award a highly motivated, responsive, and emotionally intelligent young professional with the 2023 OXYGY International Fellowship.

Are you interesting in launching into the consulting field and to immediately begin working with leaders and experts in some of the world’s most admired companies?

In a rapidly changing business environment, we thrive on agility, transformation, and innovation. OXYGY’s mission is to help clients transform and build the capabilities to thrive in a volatile world. At OXYGY, we are recognized for bringing together leading business advisors around market-leading solutions and empowering the companies of the future.

We are looking to award a highly motivated, responsive, and emotionally intelligent young professional with the 2023 OXYGY International Fellowship. You aspire to a role where you can co-discover, co-design, and co-deliver transformational business solutions together with clients who believe deeply in the power of their people. As an OXYGY Fellow, you can expect to work directly on client projects, both originating in the US and from our European team.

The OXYGY International Consulting Fellowship is an opportunity for both large-scale business impact and continuous learning side-by-side with an experienced team of curious, collaborative, and authentic management consultants. You will work on the forefront of business model innovation, bringing strategy to life by guiding leadership and their people to become active participants in new business models.

Fellowships last for 20 weeks, with one awarded per trimester (January, May, and September). Fellowships are expected to occur concurrent with master-level studies or during the job hunt period immediately following graduation. Hours are flexible to ensure academic success, ranging from 10-25 hours per week. A stipend plus hourly pay is awarded.


OXYGY is a dynamic, global management consulting firm focused on providing its people with a truly collaborative, flexible, and entrepreneurial environment as we serve our clients’ best interests. We deliver improved business results for our clients like Novartis, L’Oréal, H&M, Takeda, and J&J by helping leaders and teams to develop new capabilities, increase organizational agility, or execute on strategy.

OXYGY US Talent Value Proposition

We attract and retain a dynamic US team via a flexible, virtual-first work environment with supportive management, dynamic team building, immersive client experiences, ongoing professional development, and a strong emphasis on work-life balance.

  • Flexible, Virtual First Work Environment. As a “virtual first” organization, we invest in a team and clients where they are located via virtual day-to-day operations paired with periodic high-impact in-person engagements. We encourage flexible work locations and hours because you should benefit from a healthy and flexible balance between your work and your academic success.
  • Culture. We take time for each other to learn, teach, encourage and challenge to grow.
  • Supportive Management. Through a supportive management team, our fellows are individually coached and developed and placed on a mix of projects that support their interests and grow their capabilities as consulting professionals.
  • Team Community Building. Several times during the fellowship, we will fly the team together to inspire ideas and provide opportunities for you to develop meaningful relationships with both the local and global OXYGY team.
  • Development as a Consulting Professional. Our Fellowship includes participation in the Young Professionals Program, an accelerated professional development program designed to provide skills required to become successful and independent management consultants. Through this program, you will build the attitude, knowledge, and competencies to successfully navigate the industry and deliver on OXYGY’s service offerings.

Role Description

The OXYGY International Fellow must be self-directed, organized, creative, able to prioritize, a strong communicator, and have an exceptional ability to manage projects and tasks. The OXYGY International Fellow role may include, but not be limited, to the following:

  • Manage the operational side of virtual and in-person events, such as workshops, team meetings, and client engagement activities
  • Maintain systems and tools for keeping track of client engagements, ongoing projects, talent capabilities and availability
  • Support client projects by developing materials, such as presentations, virtual or in-person workshop activities, documents, and communications
  • Directly engage client subject matter experts on the development of strategies and hybrid learning materials to grow organizational capabilities
  • Analyze and present data, such as client and project metrics, feedback surveys, and internal talent activity
  • Manage internal projects, such as the development of new processes or tools
  • Support in-person and virtual meeting facilitation through mastery of tools such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Zoom, Miro, and MentiMeter
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