Pavlo Ryzhii

Senior Consultant
in Hamburg, Germany

My expertise lies in helping clients innovate and reach value-adding, agile and sustainable solutions. I am particularly passionate about guiding the development and implementation of innovative business models and solutions which meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
My consulting work also focuses on unlocking the power of purpose-driven management and experiment-based decision-making. I am eager to help clients develop these capabilities in order to drive efficient growth, implement data-driven decision-making and achieve sustainable competitiveness.

Pavlo Ryzhii

About me

My Areas of Expertise: Innovation (customer-centric, employee-driven, entrepreneurship, corporate startups, sustainable), Business process automation, Marketing, Business model innovation, New product/service development and implementation, Agile ways of working, Organization transformation

My Sector Focus: FMCG,

My Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian

My Education: MBA in Strategic Management from California State University East Bay

My Experience:

Employee-driven Innovation/Corporate Culture/Employee engagement:
For a leading FMCG company, designed and established Corporate Innovation function and corporate startup management system enabled to engage >70% of employees and discover +$15mio new opportunities for the business annually.

Sustainability/Innovation/Business model development:
Designed and facilitated a sustainable innovations corporate acceleration program for 30+ corporations and state institutions. 5 projects were recognized and presented at the UN global business summit.

Business process automation/Strategy:
Designed strategy, business models, positioning and 26 products and services for an international process automation startup . Confirmed product market fit and relevance of the value proposition with initial client acquisitions and process discovery. Supported improvement and system deployment projects.

Agile transformation:
Performed agile-transformation programs for both a leading FMCG company (>200 people engaged) and an international pharmaceutical company, delivering up to 3X commercial and strategic initiative acceleration.

Marketing/Branding/New products introduction

  • Lead re-branding project for a large universal bank.
  • Structured relaunch of a product portfolio for an international company.
  • Orchestrated global marketing and comms for an innovative mobile device.
  • Oversaw ‘on-demand coffee’ business launch in key markets for a global FMCG giant.
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