Patrick Wassel

in Hamburg, Germany

Professionally digital since 2001. Creating value in a digital world with a contagious user experience, a strategic business fit and based on organizational capabilities. Fusing opportunities of technology, startup thinking and agile methods to help established companies increase their customer value, drive operational effectiveness and thrive in an evolving world.

Patrick Wassel

About me

My Areas of Expertise: Data & Digital Strategy, Digital Customer Experience, Digital Operating Model, Digital Marketing & Communications, Social Media

My Sector Focus: Life Sciences, Automotive, FMCG, Finance, Tech
& Comms, Travel

My Languages: German, English

My Education: BA, MBA at the University Bayreuth

My Experience:

Value Exploring Disruption Analysis: Worked out scenarios of how industries und business models will change due to digital technology, changed user behavior and market dynamics, e.g. in Life Sciences, FMCG, Finance.

Value Capturing Digital Strategies: Matching digital opportunities with business strategies, creating long term visions, mid term &roadmaps and short-term tangible proofs, e.g. in Life Sciences, Automotive, Tech & Comms.

Value Creating Customer Experiences: Designed and created business driven digital assets like e-health applications, self service portals, corp. websites, mobile products extensions, e.g. in Life Sciences, Automotive, Tech & Comms.

Value Transferring Communication: Designed and created contagious internal and external, corporate and product communication leveraging brand and messages utilizing digital channels, e.g. in Automotive, Travel and FMCG.

Value Sustaining Agile Organization: Developed digital operating models and led internal accelerator programs based on agile methods unlocking new internal potentials, e.g. in Life Sciences, Automotive, Travel.