Andy Efremov

Senior Consultant
in Hamburg, Germany

For 15+ years, I have been providing strategic advice in Marketing, Communications, Business Development, Change Management and M&A Integration. I have gained my international experience in globally-operating organisations in Germany, UK, France and Russia, and through joint projects with over 20 other countries in Europe, Middle East, Americas and the APAC. I do academic research and coach clients in the area of cross-cultural management and communications.

Andy Efremov

About me

My Areas of Expertise: PMI (Cultural Due Diligence and Culture Integration), Business Expansion, Corporate Strategy, Change Management

My Sector Focus: FMCG, Technology & Communications, Automotive, Energy, Education

My Languages: English, German, French, Russian, Dutch

My Education: MSc in Business Studies / Degree (5 years) in Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communications / Traineeship at the Council of Europe

My Experience:

Cultural Due Diligence and Post-Merger Integration: From advice on significant cultural differences between the two companies to the development of an integration plan towards the desired future culture and practices aligned with the business strategy and the deal rationale.

Corporate Strategy: Business Planning, including the identification of trends, opportunities, growth areas and the formulation of the vision, mission, winning strategies and objectives in agreement with the identified KPIs.

Business Expansion: Strategic consulting including (1) advice on successful market entry and local adaptation of products or services; (2) guidance on successful (international) negotiations and sales with regulatory bodies, customers, partners, suppliers in a new culture; (3) Formulating a clear, competitive communication strategy across cultures and guidance in its implementation to achieve the set goals.

Team management: Effective management of multicultural (virtual) teams, including conflict resolution in an international setting.

Coaching: Work-related coaching on typical organisational structures and practices, government regulations, principles and values governing the way business is run, work ethics and communication styles.

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