Andrew MacNeil

in London, United Kingdom

Drawing on my experience from 13 years as an internal consultant at Diageo, and 13 more with Valeocon, now Oxygy, I have worked with many clients, especially from the Life Sciences sector. I most frequently act as a coach and facilitator and as an expert in business change to help clients in areas from Marketing to Operations, on challenges with strategy, innovation and organizational change.

Andrew MacNeil

About me

My Areas of Expertise: Change Management, Organization Design, Mergers and Acquisitions, Projects and Programs

My Sector Focus: Life Sciences, FMCG

My Languages: English, German

My Education: MA in Engineering from Cambridge University.

My Experience:

R&D Effectiveness: I have worked  with the R&D functions in Life Sciences organizations (Discovery, CMC, Clinical, QA, Regulatory Affairs) to help them improve their efficiency and effectiveness by changes to their organization, capabilities, governance and ways-of-working.

Organization Design: I have led  or advised on re-organizations, covering roles, structures and capabilities, in IS, HR, Legal and Sales functions.

Mergers and Acquisitions: I have led, supported or advised on ten very different transactions across five different industries.

Change Management: As every successful engagement to improve a client’s business involves change, I apply practical and effective Change Management approaches in all my work.

Project and Program Management:  I am the author of a simple and pragmatic approach to effective business projects, and I advise, coach and mobilize projects and programs to enact strategies or business changes.

My News & Views

How to make your Post Merger Integration Successful
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How to make your Post Merger Integration Successful
10 minutes
2 September, 2020
5 Tips to Making Sure That Projects Work for the Business And Not Vice-Versa
In our rapidly changing world, executing projects well is an important success (or even survival) factor. Here are a few tips that might help.
5 Tips to Making Sure That Projects Work for the Business And Not Vice-Versa
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7 March, 2019
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